special protocol covid-19

At Caserío San Pedro we will do our best to ensure that you enjoy your holiday in a natural, safe and crowd-free environment.

The well-being and health of our guests and employees is of paramount importance to us.

For that reason we have carried out a course on the measures to be adopted to reduce the infection by the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus given by the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT).

We inform you of the measures taken in compliance with the duty to ensure the safety and health of both our guests and our workers in all aspects related to the health alert caused by COVID-19.

Since the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic are subject to the circumstances of each moment and to the indications of governmental and health authorities, please note that the criteria contained in this document may vary due to legal requirements.

We are complying with government guidelines, as well as those of local health authorities. (BOE Order SDN/399/2020 of 09 May 2020)

Our establishment has increased the legal measures with the implementation of the Protocol of measures against the COVID-19 recommended by the Ministry of Tourism and approved by Health that includes and keeps updated the measures:

Obligatory norms for rural establishments, in sanitary matters, prevention, as well as cleaning and disinfection protocol of the establishments.

General operational guidelines for employees. Please respect the safety distances as well as the established protocols.

Guidelines for customer information and awareness

Please take into account the following circumstances related to the current situation.

For your safety, for our safety

Please help us keep everyone safe by following these guidelines:

Frequent hand disinfection and always after exchanging items with the staff that treats you.
Please keep safety distances of at least two meters in common areas and parking lots and wear a mask in common areas.
Until it is allowed, we inform you that the children’s playground and basketball area will remain closed.
Arrival and departure times
Due to the requirements of exhaustive cleaning and ventilation we have been forced to establish our client entrance hours from 18h and the limit time of exit on the day of your departure will be at 11h.


In order to avoid unnecessary contacts, we facilitate the payment of your stay before arrival at the establishment, or even during the first 2 days of your stay by bank transfer.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for the account number.

We also inform you that we will send you the invoice by telematic means.

Check in

The collection of data from your ID card and signature of the traveler’s entry document remains a mandatory requirement for our establishments.

In order to avoid unnecessary time and contacts, we would appreciate it if you could send us the details of all guests over 16 years of age before your arrival. These details will be checked upon your arrival.

  1. Name and Surname
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Date of issue of the ID card

Our commitment to cleanliness:

We have developed new cleaning protocols, including new equipment and cleaning products authorized by the Ministry of Health.

For their part, the staff will maintain this protocol to avoid cross-contamination.

We strive to ensure that our disinfection and hygiene protocols have every guarantee of safety.

We inform you of the extraordinary measures in our cleaning protocol:

We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in the common areas and reception where we have hydroalcoholic gel for disinfecting hands and utensils used after each use (tpv, pen, etc)

In order to facilitate your safety on arrival, we have equipped our establishments with disinfectant gel and 2 masks, as well as a wastebasket with a pedal-operated lid for you to deposit your gloves and masks, avoiding contact with other elements in the establishment. We also have disinfectant gel at the reception.

Our Houses

We have extra masks available. In case you need them, do not hesitate to ask us. Price/unit: 0,75

For your safety we have eliminated from our establishment all those decorative elements that are difficult to disinfect such as board games, magazines, books, cushions, etc.

We also have extra clean pillows or blankets available that we will gladly provide on request.

Our specific cleaning and disinfection protocol for cleaning establishments or rooms after guests’ departure and before the next guest’s arrival includes special attention to frequently touched items such as TV controls, door knobs, light keys, etc.

Special attention to the kitchen and household appliances. The kitchenware and cutlery is properly disinfected (washed at more than 60ºC).

We have established a protocol for washing and picking up clothes at the laundry to avoid cross-contamination.

New signaling system

Please pay attention to the signs posted and follow the instructions given (distance, compliance with capacity at reception, etc.)

Private areas for staff

We have increased the frequency of cleaning, focusing on the dressing room, laundry and office areas.

Health services Principality of Asturias
For any eventuality related to COVID 19, please inform the management of the establishment and contact the health service.

Emergency telephone numbers Covid 19 Asturias :

112 (dialing 1)

984.100.400 / 900.878.232

Addendum Cancellation for reasons related to COVID 19

If for reasons related to the COVID19, derived from legal dispositions or in case of force majeure, the house could not be occupied on the agreed dates, and the owner had to cancel the reservation, the owner commits to reimburse the total amount paid for the reservation and the stay.

If for reasons related to COVID 19 and force majeure guests are unable to attend the establishment, the customer may use this advance for a later booking provided there is availability. If this is not possible, the owner will return the amount paid as a reservation deposit, provided that these circumstances are properly accredited.

The house has undergone all the disinfection and cleaning protocols established by the current COVID19 regulations before its occupation.

If during the stay in the rural house there is a case of positive in COVID19 of some of the tenants, they will be forced to communicate it immediately to the sanitary authorities and the owner.

In any case, at the end of the contracted stay, the house must be vacated in its entirety.

If for health reasons, whether of force majeure, confinement or quarantine, it is not possible to do so, the occupants will assume the expenses incurred by the extension of the stay and services provided.